The Aliveness Factor Book

A Mediterranean Guide to Joyful Living

The Mediterranean Secret to the Joy of Living

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​After an extensive academic education in telecommunications engineering in Spain and in the UK, and in business at the IESE Business School, he held various executive positions that culminated as general manager for Spain and Portugal of a North American multinational technology company.

After reaching this point in his career in the corporate world, he decided to make a halt and engage in a personal journey of search for wisdom about life and human nature – two areas that had always interested him.

As a consequence of this journey and the personal transformation that it meant for him, he took the decision to change paths in his professional life founding the human resources consultancy company TBDO with the mission to make a positive contribution to the success of companies and the wellbeing of people in their work.

Today, he combines his work in business with that of speaker and mentor out of his passion to make a positive contribution to enrich people’s lives. He is the author of three books, one of them published in the United States, what makes of him one of the few authors in Spain published in this country.

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Igniting the Human Spirit.
For anyone who wants an uplift, Juan Manuel Martín Menéndez's book, The Aliveness Factor; A Mediterranean Guide To Joyful Living, is a must read. In many emotional ways this book will do much to ignite or reignite the human spirit. It will most certainly enhance the human connection between spouses, friends and colleagues. As the Mediterranean diet is good for your body, The Aliveness Factor is good for your soul. Go for it!”
Len Marrella
Triumph of the human spirt comes ALIVE in this book.
The writer has the uncanny ability to pull an invigorating array of provocative stories from his journey in life that weave a mosaic of life’s challenges and opportunities. A lovely tribute to the Mediterranean culture and the power of the human spirit to persevere and triumph in the face of challenging life lessons. Impossible not to learn from his book.
Bonnie Milletto
Like taking a refreshing vacation…
Reading The Aliveness Factor felt like taking a refreshing vacation. Seeing through the revelations of another human being who is discovering his own path, his own truth, I found much that pointed to my own discoveries, my own truth. The writer has a simple and effective way of revealing his experience, making it personal, yet in a way that it shares a universal human core. It was fast reading but I kept savoring it. Looking forward to more from this author.
Rizo Santos


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